Plugin Preference Demo

Author: Ulf Dittmer (udittmer at
History: 2004/3/1: First version
Requires:ImageJ 1.32c or later
Installation: Download to the plugins folder, or subfolder, and compile and run it using Plugins/Compile and Run.
Description: This plugin demonstrates how a plugin can store preference settings using ImageJs built-in preference mechanism (i.e., the IJ_Prefs.txt file).

There are three overloaded methods for saving preferences values (strings, numbers and booleans) and three for retrieving values.

Prefs.set(key, value);
Saves the value of a string, number or boolean in the preferences file using the keyword key.

value = Prefs.get(key, defaultValue);
Uses the keyword key to retrieve a string, number or boolean value from the preferences file. Returns defaultValue if the key is not found.
Note that the key should begin with a prefix that is unique to the calling plugin (e.g. "prefsdemo.").

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