QuickTime Stack Writer

Authors: Jon Hardin and Jeff Hardin (jdhardin at facstaff.wisc.edu)
History: 2005/11/08: First version
Requires: QuickTime and QuickTime for Java
Source: In QT_Stack_Writer.jar, which can be opened with any ZIP utility
Installation: Download QT_Stack_Writer.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ and there will be a new QT Stack Writer command in the Plugins menu or submenu.
Description: Saves a stack as a QuickTime movie. Requires both QuickTime and QuickTime for Java. Both are preinstalled on Macs. Windows users must install QuickTime 7 and copy QTJava.zip to the plugins folder. Unlike the QuickTime Movie Writer plugin, it displays the standard QuickTime compression dialog, which allows using any installed codec. It is also dramatically faster
See Also:
  • The File>Save As>AVI command, which creates QuickTime compatible files, using either no compression or M-JPEG compression
  • The File>Save As>Gif command, which saves an 8-bit stack as an animated GIF
  • QuickTime Movie Writer plugin
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