RC Montage

Author: Julian Cooper (Julian.Cooper[at]uhb.nhs.uk)
History: 2009/02/22: First version
Source: RC_montage.java
Installation: Download RC_montage.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ or click Help>Update Menus.

This plugin is an alternative front end for the built-in Stacks>Make Montage command. The essential difference is that the output montage for a specified range of slices from a stack will fit a grid of specified dimensions.


First Slice : the first slice to be displayed (default: 1).

Last Slice: the last slice to be displayed (default: last slice in the stack).

Rows: the number of rows in the output montage (default: 5).

Columns: the number of columns in the output montage (default: 5).

Scale: the scale factor for each slice (default: 1).

Border width: the width in pixels of the border between each panel in the output montage (default: 0, i.e. no border).

Add slice labels?: if true, slice labels are displayed on the output montage (default: false).

246 slice CT image stack of an acetabular (hip socket) fracture to be displayed as a 4x4 montage. Using the built-in Make Montage... command takes some guesswork or calculation to fit the grid exactly. As the increment is an integer quantity there is no guarantee that the last slice of the range will appear in the montage. It is easy to produce a montage where the range is too short, so that slices are not included in the montage:


...or too long, so that blank cells pad out the montage:


This plugin produces an output montaged exactly to 4x4 including the first and last slices of the range:


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