Results and Text

Author: Greg Joss (
Date: 2001/03/13
Installation: Expand the archive in the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plug-in extends ResultsTable and TextPanel functions. The Analyzer.ResultsTable is usually the pivot of an analysis process and can be displayed on the IJ system TextPanel.

File/SaveAs/Measurements saves the textpanel including text written by a plugin via IJ.write; it does not save the resultsTable.

Analyze/Clear Results clears both the textpanel and resultsTable.

This ResultsAndText plugin provides additional functions:

  • TextPanel clear to headings/noheadings without clearing of ResultsTable
  • selective ResultsTable list, {eg after a (large) ResultsTable generated by analyzeParticles used with Display Results unchecked or ResultsTable columns extended post table creation}
  • save ResultsTable to a float image,
  • restore from the current float image this version does not support row labels
These functions allow checkpointing and restart or remote pickup of a multiphase analysis process where details (eg tracking data from extended analyzeParticles) can be saved/restored for continuing or remote analysis.
arg=="about": displays this message
arg==null: runs a demonstration sequence
arg=="install": installs plugin options

written by:
Greg Joss, 1st March 2001 last modified 9th March 2001
Department of Biological Sciences, Phone: (61)(2) 9850 8212 Fax: 9850 8245
Macquarie University, Email:
North Ryde, (Sydney,) NSW 2109, Australia

All comments, criticisms, suggestions, feedback or bug reports would be gratefully received and appreciated.

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