Densitometry 3-Channel


Dr. Gholam Reza Kaka, Kaiser Niknam
Research Center of Neuroscience, Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences University, Tehran, Iran
gh_kaka at Yahoo

niknam.kaiser at Gmail



Download Densitometry_3_Channel_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ; or,

Download to the plugins folder, compile it using Plugins/Compile and Run, and there will be a new "Densitometry 3 Channel" command in the Plugins menu the next time you restart ImageJ.


Not Reported Yet


This plugin filters pixels, outside (inside, if the checkbox 'Inverse Act' is checked) of R-G-B range with the Foreground R-G-B value at center and radius equal to the corresponding slider value; and it keeps pixels with colors inside (outside, if the checkbox 'Inverse Act' is checked) of the specified range and fills the rest of image with the Background color. The plugin accepts RGB images for processing.


Extracting the area occupied by a specific color is essential for many studies of histomorphology, geology, and etc.


2011/10/01: first version
2012/02/01: 'Inverse Act' added