ROI Brush Tool

Author: Johannes Schindelin (Johannes.Schindelin at GMX.DE)
Tom Larkworthy (tom.larkworthy@GMAIL.COM)
History: 2006/06/27: First version
2011/12/26: Updated to be a PlugInTool
Requires: ImageJ 1.46d or later
Installation: The ROI Brush Tool is built into ImageJ 1.37k or later. Right click on the Oval selection tool to activate it.
Description: Run this plugin, and a new tool will appear: the ROI Brush. It works like a brush, but instead of painting circular regions, it selects them (or, if you press alt while dragging the mouse, deselects them).

For plugin writers, this plugin demonstrates how to add a tool to the tool bar.

This plugin was contributed to the ImageJ community by Tom Larkworthy.

See Also: Tool Demo plugin

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