Shading Corrector

Author: Wayne Rasband (wsr at
History: 2000/10/12: First version
2003/06/27: Fixed stack repeated error message bug
2003/07/24: Bug fix; supports 16-bit images
2008/10/21: Supports RGB images, thanks to Joshua Daghlian
2013/10/24: Fixes overflow bugs, thanks Charlotte Martin
Installation: Copy Shading_Corrector.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin corrects acquired images for shading due to uneven illumination or CCD pixel irregularities. It does this using the formula
I = I(M/BF)
where I is the active image, BF is the blank field image, and M is the mean of the blank field image. For this to work, you must first capture a blank background image and use Image/Rename (v1.24 or newer) or Image/Duplicate to rename it "blank-field". You can create a command that renames the active image "blank-field" by using Plugins/Hot Keys/Install Plugin to install this plugin with the argument "rename".

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