SIOX (Simple Interactive Object Extraction)

Authors: Ignacio Arganda-Carreras (ignacio.arganda at
Stephan Saalfeld
Johannes Schindelin
Source: In siox_.jar
Requires: ImageJ 1.43m or later
Installation: Drag and drop siox_.jar onto the "ImageJ" window.
Description: This plugin segments RGB images. It is an ImageJ version of the Fiji plugin "SIOX: Simple Interactive Object Extraction". It uses ImageJ's ImageRoi class, available in v1.43l and later, to display the segmented image using a semitransparent and nondestructive overlay.
History: 2009/11/23: Initial release
2009/11/24: Bug fixes; requires IJ 1.43l
2009/12/07: Requires IJ 1.43m

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