Open and save SPE image files

Authors: Akira Goto (goto at
Holger Doerr (holger.doerr at
History: 2001/04/23: First version
2005/12/05: Opens SPE stacks newer than version 1.6
Source:, and
Installation: Copy SpeHeader.class, OpenSPE_.class and SaveAsSPE_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: These plugins open and save SPE image files created by the WinView program. WinView is software used to control Princeton Instruments CCD cameras.

Supported image types:

  • FLOAT (float) : 32-bit Real
  • LONG (int) : 32-bit Integer
  • INT (short) : 16-bit Signed Integer
  • UNINT (UNSIGNED short) : 16-bit Unsigned Integer
The HandleExtraFileTypes plugin, included with ImageJ, supports SPE, so you can open SPE files using the File>Open command or by using drag and drop.

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