Stitch BLISS Tile Images
Author: Andy Chan (, Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre (
Dmitry Turbin, MD/PhD (, Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre (
History: 2004/05/05: Initial version
Installation: Download Stitch_BLISS.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.

This plugin stitches the tile images generated by the BLISS system from Bacus Laboratories, Inc. ( into complete core images. 

Usage of the plugin:

  1. Run the Stitch_BLISS plugin.
  2. Select the 'DB_input.csv' file from a BLISS generated image folder.  The tile images inside this folder will be stitched.
  3. Specify the output folder that will contain the stitched images.  By default the name of this folder will be the name of the source folder with '_stitched' appended to the end.  Note that this folder will be generated automatically and the DB_input.csv file will be copied over to this folder as well.
  4. Specify the number of tile columns and tile rows per image.  By default this is set to 3 x 3.
  5. The stitching process will start with the status bar showing the current tile image being stitched.
  6. The user will be prompted once the stitching process is completed.
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