TIFF Dumper

Author: Curtis Rueden (ctrueden at wisc.edu)
History: 2009/09/10: First version
2009/09/16: Better handling of IFDs with list entries
Requires: Bio-Formats plugin
Source: TIFF_Dumper.java
Installation: Copy TIFF_Dumper.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Uses the Bio-Formats plugin to parse and output all TIFF tags for the current image. Note that you have to temporarily remove the "_" from the name of the Bio-Formats plugin ("loci_tools.jar") in order to compile this plugin using Plugins>Compile and Run.
See Also:
  • The TIFF Tags plugin displays the tags of a specified TIFF file.
  • The "Debug mode" option in Edit>Options>Misc, when enabled, causes ImageJ to display tags when opening TIFF images.
  • The Image>Show Info command and the getMetadata() macro function(), in v1.43g or later, retrieve ASCII tags, such as "DateTime" and "Software".
  • Image>Show Info and getMetadata() retrieve the tags of TIFF images opened using the Bio-Formats plugin.

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