Deltavision Opener

Authors: Sebastien Huart (sebastien.huart at
Fabrice Cordelieres (fabrice.cordelieres at
Institut Curie, France
History: 2005/07/12: First version
  • Extended Header metadata are now read.
  • output in the "Info" pane rather than "Log".
  • source code split into (file format related class) and the main Deltavision_Opener class.
  • 2006/10/04:
  • Bug correction ("unsupported pixel type 6")
  • Source: Contained in Deltavision_Opener.jar
    Installation: Download Deltavision_Opener.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder and restart ImageJ.
    Description: This plug-in opens DV files generated on Applied Precision DeltaVision systems. Informations about the file (wavelengths, dimensions, min & max intensities) and metadata are shown in the Image/Show Info window.

    Comments and bug reports are welcome.

    See Also: LOCI Bio-Formats plugin

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