Open and Save UNC format images

Author: Jonathan Jackson (j.jackson at
History: 2005/09/27: First Version
2006/06/14: Works with File>Import>Image Sequence (requires updated HandleExtraFileTypes)
Requires: Java 1.4 or later and ImageJ 1.35 or later
Limitations: UNC Writer saves only general header fields not slice specific information. No support for editing header fields.
Source: Included in UNC_.jar
Installation: Download UNC_.jar to the ImageJ plugins folder.
Download an installer for the Jim medical image display package from here. Install the program (there is a 30 day free trial). Copy the xinapse.jar file from the Jim installation directory to the ImageJ plugins directory. (The xinapse.jar classes are freely distributable, and not limited to the trial period)

Optionally, install the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin. This will enable UNC files to be opened with the File>Open command.

After restarting ImageJ, the following commands will appear.
UNC Reader in the File>Import menu
UNC Writer in the File>Export menu
UNC Header in the Analyze>Tools menu

Description: These plugins load and save images in UNC format, a multidimensional biomedical imaging format. You can open UNC images with the File>Open command, or by drag and drop, if the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin is installed.

The UNC Header plugin allows the UNC header entries to be displayed and searched. Custom filter definitions are stored in UNCHeaderFilters.txt in the plugins directory. An example file, containing GE DICOM style header entries, is UNCHeaderFilters.txt. UNC Header also runs from the command line as a standalone utility. The UNIX shell script uncheader illustrates command syntax.

See Also: HandleExtraFileTypes
Xinapse API

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