Watch Dir

Author: Jon Harman (JonathanHarman at
History: 2014/08/13: First version
Limitations:Only opens image files
Installation: Drag and drop Watch_Dir.jar to the "ImageJ" window or download and install using the Plugins>Install command.
Description: is an ImageJ plug-in that watches for new image files in a directory. When a new file appears it opens and displays the image in ImageJ and runs an ImageJ command on the image. The new files should be image files that ImageJ can open.

"Max Wait" governs how long after a file has appeared the plugin will wait for the file to be valid. A large image may be slow to arrive over the internet. The file name appears, but ImageJ fails to load it until the entire file is transferred. A non-image file will appear to the plugin like a slowly transferred file.

"Display Wait" governs the plugin behavior as follows: if displaywait is 0 then as each new file appears it is opened and displayed until the next one appears. If many appear quickly it may happen that some files are skipped. if displaywait > 0 then all new files will be opened for at lease displaywait amount of time.

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