Window Level Tool

Authors: James Norman (james.norman at
Ilan Tal (ilan.tal at
History: 2011/12/29: Updated to a PlugInTool
2014/08/07: Added popup menu with "Auto" and "Reset" commands
2014/08/17: Added more commands popup menu
Requires: ImageJ 1.49e or later
Installation: Download Window_Level_Tool.class into the Image/plugins/Tools directory, use the Help>Refresh Menus command, then select "Window Level Tool" from the toolbar's ">>" menu to add this tool to the toolbar.
Description: This is plugin tool version of the Window Level Tool created by James Norman at UCLA, with a popup menu added by Ilan Tal.

To use it, select the "WL" tool and click and drag on an image to adjust its window and level. To automatically set the window/level, or to reset it, right click on the tool icon and select one of the options from the popup menu.

See Also: Window Level Tool included with Ilan Tal's Beth Israel plugins for Fiji
[screen shot]