XYZ2DEM Importer

Author: Martin Schlüter (ij[at], i3mainz
Contributor: Barry Joe (bjoe[at], author of Geompack
History: 2012/07/01: Optionally create a Tiff World File '.tfw'
2012/07/01: Rename result to file extension '.tif'
2009/04/23: Fix (removes java generics compiler warnings)
2005/02/22: First version
Installation: Download XYZ2DEM_Importer.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This ImageJ plugin imports X,Y,Z coordinates of (usually irregularly distributed) points from the first 3 columns of a plain text file and interpolates a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) image using a Delaunay triangulation.


The given points are projected to the X,Y-plane and are meshed by a 2D-Delaunay triangulation. For each image pixel position, a signed 32-bit floating-point pixel value Z=Z(X,Y) is calculated by linear interpolation within the corresponding triangle. Pixel positions outside the convex hull get a user chosen background value. The detection of occluded surface areas is not supported. It is recommended to use the TIFF file format for 32-bit images.

Formats: Tab- or blank-delimited input text files with three numbers per line will do. To learn more about accepted delimiters and notations of comments please refer to some notes on input text file formats.
Options: The user is requested to choose an adequate pixel size for the resulting image. Large triangles can be disregarded by a user chosen maximum edge length; otherwise all pixels within the convex hull of the given X,Y-coordinates are interpolated. The user might choose a proper background value. Please refer to some examples on how to set appropriate input parameters.

Examples: More tutorials, exemplary data and applications are brought to you by i3mainz.

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