Zeiss ZVI Reader

Authors: Curtis Rueden (ctrueden at WISC.EDU)
Tony Collins (tonyc at uhnresearch.ca)
Morri Feldman (morrifeldman at gmail.com)
Ales Kladnik (ales.kladnik at bf.uni-lj.si)
Michel Boudinot (Michel.boudinot at iaf.cnrs-gif.fr)
History: 2005/03/01: First version
2005/03/24: Splits channels into separate stacks
2005/05/24: Fixes problem with reading multicolor stacks
2005/07/11: Opens 48-bit color images
    -improved decoding strategy
    -new approach to compute the number of channels
    -new image stack construction from file image slices
2007/08/02: Replaced by Bio-Formats plugin
Source: ZVI_Reader.java
Installation: The LOCI Bio-Formats plugin has superseded this plugin.

Imports images and image stacks from a Zeiss ZVI file. This plugin was created through trial and error (i.e., reverse engineering several example ZVI files), and most likely does not work with some types of ZVI. It opens 8-bit and 16-bit grayscale images and image stacks, and 24-bit and 48-bit color images and stacks. 48-bit color images are opened as RGB stack. It opens 12-bit color (36-bit) ZVI images without problems and theoretically, it should work also with 10-bit and 14-bit images and stacks.

Install the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin and you will be able to open ZVI files using File/Open or by using drag and drop.

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