package ij.plugin;
import ij.*;
import ij.gui.*;
import ij.process.*;
import java.awt.*;

/** Opens ImageJ, NIH Image and Scion Image for windows ROI outlines. has a description of the file format.
    @see ij.plugin.filter.RoiWriter
public class RoiReader implements PlugIn {
    final int polygon=0, rect=1, oval=2, line=3,freeLine=4, segLine=5, noRoi=6,freehand=7, traced=8;

    public void run(String arg) {
        OpenDialog od = new OpenDialog("Open ROI...", arg);
        String dir = od.getDirectory();
        String name = od.getFileName();
        if (name==null)
        try {
            openRoi(dir, name);
        } catch (IOException e) {
            String msg = e.getMessage();
            if (msg==null || msg.equals(""))
                msg = ""+e;
            IJ.error("ROI Reader", msg);

    public void openRoi(String dir, String name) throws IOException {
        String path = dir+name;
        RoiDecoder rd = new RoiDecoder(path);
        Roi roi = rd.getRoi();
        Rectangle r = roi.getBounds();
        ImagePlus img = WindowManager.getCurrentImage();
        if (img==null || img.getWidth()<(r.x+r.width) || img.getHeight()<(r.y+r.height)) {
            ImageProcessor ip =  new ByteProcessor(r.x+r.width+10, r.y+r.height+10);
            img = new ImagePlus(name, ip);