package ij.plugin.filter;
import ij.*;
import ij.gui.GenericDialog;
import ij.gui.DialogListener;
import ij.process.*;
import ij.plugin.filter.GaussianBlur;
import ij.measure.Measurements;
import java.awt.*;

/** This plugin-filter implements ImageJ's Unsharp Mask command.
 * Unsharp masking subtracts a blurred copy of the image and rescales the image
 * to obtain the same contrast of large (low-frequency) structures as in the
 * input image. This is equivalent to adding a high-pass filtered image and
 * thus sharpens the image.
 * "Radius (Sigma)" is the standard deviation (blur radius) of the Gaussian blur that
 * is subtracted. "Mask Weight" determines the strength of filtering, where "Mask Weight"=1
 * would be an infinite weight of the high-pass filtered image that is added.
public class UnsharpMask implements ExtendedPlugInFilter, DialogListener {
    private static double sigma = 1.0; // standard deviation of the Gaussian
    private static double weight = 0.6; // weight of the mask
    private GaussianBlur gb;

    /** Method to return types supported
     * @param arg Not used by this plugin
     * @param imp The image to be filtered
     * @return Code describing supported formats etc.
     * (see ij.plugin.filter.PlugInFilter & ExtendedPlugInFilter)
    public int setup(String arg, ImagePlus imp) {
        return flags;
    /** This method is invoked for each slice or color channel. It filters
     * an image by enhancing high-frequency components. Since this
     * PlugInFilter specifies the CONVERT_TO_FLOAT and SNAPHOT
     * flags, 'ip' is always a FloatProcessor with a valid snapshot.
     * @param ip The image, slice or channel to filter
    public void run(ImageProcessor ip) {
        sharpenFloat((FloatProcessor)ip, sigma, (float)weight);
    /** Unsharp Mask filtering of a float image. 'fp' must have a valid snapshot. */
    public void sharpenFloat(FloatProcessor fp, double sigma, float weight) {
        if (gb == null) gb = new GaussianBlur();
        gb.blurGaussian(fp, sigma, sigma, 0.01);
        if (Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted()) return;
        float[] pixels = (float[])fp.getPixels();
        float[] snapshotPixels = (float[])fp.getSnapshotPixels();
        int width = fp.getWidth();
        Rectangle roi = fp.getRoi();
        for (int y=roi.y; y<roi.y+roi.height; y++)
            for (int x=roi.x, p=width*y+x; x<roi.x+roi.width; x++,p++)
                pixels[p] = (snapshotPixels[p] - weight*pixels[p])/(1f - weight);

    /** Ask the user for the parameters */
    public int showDialog(ImagePlus imp, String command, PlugInFilterRunner pfr) {
        String options = Macro.getOptions();
        boolean oldMacro = false;    //for old macros, "gaussian radius" was 2.5 sigma
        if  (options!=null) {
            if (options.indexOf("gaussian=") >= 0) {
                oldMacro = true;
                Macro.setOptions(options.replaceAll("gaussian=", "radius="));
        GenericDialog gd = new GenericDialog(command);
        sigma = Math.abs(sigma);
        if (weight<0) weight = 0;
        if (weight>0.99) weight = 0.99; 
        gd.addNumericField("Radius (Sigma)", sigma, 1, 6, "pixels");
        gd.addNumericField("Mask Weight (0.1-0.9)", weight,2);
        gd.showDialog();                        //input by the user (or macro) happens here
        if (gd.wasCanceled()) return DONE;
        if (oldMacro) sigma /= 2.5;
        IJ.register(this.getClass());           //protect static class variables (parameters) from garbage collection
        return IJ.setupDialog(imp, flags);      //ask whether to process all slices of stack (if a stack)

    public boolean dialogItemChanged(GenericDialog gd, AWTEvent e) {
        sigma = gd.getNextNumber();
        weight = gd.getNextNumber();
        if (sigma < 0 || weight < 0 || weight > 0.99 || gd.invalidNumber())
            return false;
        else return true;

    /** Since most computing time is spent in GaussianBlur, forward the
     * information about the number of passes to Gaussian Blur. The
     * ProgressBar will be handled by GaussianBlur. */
    public void setNPasses(int nPasses) {
        if (gb == null) gb = new GaussianBlur();