Module ij
Package ij.gui

Class ImageRoi

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageRoi

        public ImageRoi​(int x,
                        int y,
                        java.awt.image.BufferedImage bi)
        Creates a new ImageRoi from a BufferedImage.
      • ImageRoi

        public ImageRoi​(int x,
                        int y,
                        ImageProcessor ip)
        Creates a new ImageRoi from a ImageProcessor.
    • Method Detail

      • draw

        public void draw​(java.awt.Graphics g)
        draw in class Roi
      • setComposite

        public void setComposite​(java.awt.Composite composite)
        Sets the composite mode.
      • setOpacity

        public void setOpacity​(double opacity)
        Sets the composite mode using the specified opacity (alpha), in the range 0.0-1.0, where 0.0 is fully transparent and 1.0 is fully opaque.
      • getSerializedImage

        public byte[] getSerializedImage()
        Returns a serialized version of the image.
      • getOpacity

        public double getOpacity()
        Returns the current opacity.
      • rotate

        public void rotate​(double angle)
      • setAngle

        public void setAngle​(double angle)
      • setZeroTransparent

        public void setZeroTransparent​(boolean zeroTransparent)
      • getZeroTransparent

        public boolean getZeroTransparent()
      • clone

        public java.lang.Object clone()
        Description copied from class: Roi
        Returns a copy of this roi. See Thinking is Java by Bruce Eckel ( for a good description of object cloning.
        clone in class Roi