Module ij
Package ij.gui

Class ProfilePlot

  • public class ProfilePlot
    extends java.lang.Object
    Creates a density profile plot of a rectangular selection or line selection.
    • Field Detail

      • profile

        protected double[] profile
      • magnification

        protected double magnification
      • xInc

        protected double xInc
      • units

        protected java.lang.String units
      • yLabel

        protected java.lang.String yLabel
      • xValues

        protected float[] xValues
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProfilePlot

        public ProfilePlot()
      • ProfilePlot

        public ProfilePlot​(ImagePlus imp)
      • ProfilePlot

        public ProfilePlot​(ImagePlus imp,
                           boolean averageHorizontally)
    • Method Detail

      • getPlotSize

        public java.awt.Dimension getPlotSize()
        Returns the size of the plot that createWindow() creates.
      • createWindow

        public void createWindow()
        Displays this profile plot in a window.
      • getPlot

        public Plot getPlot()
      • getProfile

        public double[] getProfile()
        Returns the profile plot data.
      • getMin

        public double getMin()
        Returns the calculated minimum value.
      • getMax

        public double getMax()
        Returns the calculated maximum value.
      • setMinAndMax

        public static void setMinAndMax​(double min,
                                        double max)
        Sets the y-axis min and max. Specify (0,0) to autoscale.
      • getFixedMin

        public static double getFixedMin()
        Returns the profile plot y-axis min. Auto-scaling is used if min=max=0.
      • getFixedMax

        public static double getFixedMax()
        Returns the profile plot y-axis max. Auto-scaling is used if min=max=0.
      • getColumnAverageProfile

        public static double[] getColumnAverageProfile​(java.awt.Rectangle rect,
                                                       ImageProcessor ip)