Module ij
Package ij.gui

Class RotatedRectRoi

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<java.awt.Point>

    public class RotatedRectRoi
    extends PolygonRoi
    This class implements the rotated rectangle selection tool.
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • RotatedRectRoi

        public RotatedRectRoi​(double x1,
                              double y1,
                              double x2,
                              double y2,
                              double rectWidth)
      • RotatedRectRoi

        public RotatedRectRoi​(int sx,
                              int sy,
                              ImagePlus imp)
    • Method Detail

      • draw

        public void draw​(java.awt.Graphics g)
        draw in class PolygonRoi
      • grow

        protected void grow​(int sx,
                            int sy)
        grow in class PolygonRoi
      • showStatus

        public void showStatus()
        showStatus in class Roi
      • nudgeCorner

        public void nudgeCorner​(int key)
        Description copied from class: Roi
        Nudge lower right corner of rectangular and oval ROIs by one pixel based on arrow key press.
        nudgeCorner in class Roi
      • handleMouseUp

        protected void handleMouseUp​(int screenX,
                                     int screenY)
        Description copied from class: PolygonRoi
        With segmented selections, ignore first mouse up and finalize when user double-clicks, control-clicks or clicks in start box.
        handleMouseUp in class PolygonRoi
      • moveHandle

        protected void moveHandle​(int sx,
                                  int sy)
        moveHandle in class PolygonRoi
      • isHandle

        public int isHandle​(int sx,
                            int sy)
        Description copied from class: PolygonRoi
        Returns a handle number if the specified screen coordinates are inside or near a handle, otherwise returns -1.
        isHandle in class PolygonRoi
      • getParams

        public double[] getParams()
        Returns x1, y1, x2, y2 and width as a 5 element array.
      • subPixelResolution

        public boolean subPixelResolution()
        Always returns true.
        subPixelResolution in class Roi