Module ij
Package ij.plugin

Class URLOpener

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    public class URLOpener
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements PlugIn
    Opens TIFFs, ZIP compressed TIFFs, DICOMs, GIFs and JPEGs using a URL. TIFF file names must end in ".tif", ZIP file names must end in ".zip" and DICOM file names must end in ".dcm". Opens a Web page in the default browser if the URL ends with "/".
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      static java.lang.String[] getSampleImageNames()  
      void run​(java.lang.String urlOrName)
      If 'urlOrName' is a URL, opens the image at that URL.
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      • URLOpener

        public URLOpener()
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      • run

        public void run​(java.lang.String urlOrName)
        If 'urlOrName' is a URL, opens the image at that URL. If it is a file name, opens the image with that name from the 'images.location' URL in IJ_Props.txt. If it is blank, prompts for an image URL and open the specified image.
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        run in interface PlugIn
      • getSampleImageNames

        public static java.lang.String[] getSampleImageNames()