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Class FractalBoxCounter

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    public class FractalBoxCounter
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements PlugInFilter
    Calculate the so-called "capacity" fractal dimension. The algorithm is called, in fractal parlance, the "box counting" method. In the simplest terms, the routine counts the number of boxes of a given size needed to cover a one pixel wide, binary (black on white) border. The procedure is repeated for boxes that are 2 to 64 pixels wide. The output consists of two columns labeled "size" and "count". A plot is generated with the log of size on the x-axis and the log of count on the y-axis and the data is fitted with a straight line. The slope (S) of the line is the negative of the fractal dimension, i.e. D=-S. A full description of the technique can be found in T. G. Smith, Jr., G. D. Lange and W. B. Marks, Fractal Methods and Results in Cellular Morphology, which appeared in J. Neurosci. Methods, 69:1123-126, 1996. --- 12/Jun/2006 G. Landini added "set is white" option, otherwise the plugin assumes that the object is always low-dimensional (i.e. the phase with the smallest number of pixels). Now it works fine for sets with D near to 2.0
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      • FractalBoxCounter

        public FractalBoxCounter()
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      • setup

        public int setup​(java.lang.String arg,
                         ImagePlus imp)
        Description copied from interface: PlugInFilter
        This method is called once when the filter is loaded. 'arg', which may be blank, is the argument specified for this plugin in IJ_Props.txt or in the plugins.config file of a jar archive containing the plugin. 'imp' is the currently active image. This method should return a flag word that specifies the filters capabilities.

        For Plugin-filters specifying the PlugInFilter.FINAL_PROCESSING flag, the setup method will be called again, this time with arg = "final" after all other processing is done.

        Specified by:
        setup in interface PlugInFilter
      • s2ints

        public int[] s2ints​(java.lang.String s)
        Breaks the specified string into an array of ints. Returns null if there is an error.