Module ij
Package ij.process

Class IntProcessor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class IntProcessor
    extends ColorProcessor
    This is an extended ColorProcessor that supports signed 32-bit int images.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IntProcessor

        public IntProcessor​(int width,
                            int height)
        Creates a blank IntProcessor with the specified dimensions.
      • IntProcessor

        public IntProcessor​(int width,
                            int height,
                            int[] pixels)
        Creates an IntProcessor from a pixel array.
    • Method Detail

      • createImage

        public java.awt.Image createImage()
        Create an 8-bit AWT image by scaling pixels in the range min-max to 0-255.
        createImage in class ColorProcessor
      • getBufferedImage

        public java.awt.image.BufferedImage getBufferedImage()
        Returns this image as an 8-bit BufferedImage .
        getBufferedImage in class ImageProcessor
      • setColorModel

        public void setColorModel​(java.awt.image.ColorModel cm)
        Description copied from class: ImageProcessor
        Sets the color model. Must be an IndexColorModel (aka LUT) for all processors except the ColorProcessor.
        setColorModel in class ColorProcessor
      • getNChannels

        public int getNChannels()
        Returns the number of channels (1).
        getNChannels in class ColorProcessor
        1 for grayscale images, 3 for RGB images
      • findMinAndMax

        public void findMinAndMax()
      • resetMinAndMax

        public void resetMinAndMax()
        Description copied from class: ImageProcessor
        For short and float images, recalculates the min and max image values needed to correctly display the image. For ByteProcessors, resets the LUT.
        resetMinAndMax in class ImageProcessor
      • setMinAndMax

        public void setMinAndMax​(double minimum,
                                 double maximum,
                                 int channels)
        setMinAndMax in class ColorProcessor