Module ij
Package ij.process

Class StackProcessor

  • public class StackProcessor
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class processes stacks.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StackProcessor

        public StackProcessor​(ImageStack stack)
        Constructs a StackProcessor from a stack.
      • StackProcessor

        public StackProcessor​(ImageStack stack,
                              ImageProcessor ip)
        Constructs a StackProcessor from a stack. 'ip' is the processor that will be used to process the slices. 'ip' can be null when using crop().
    • Method Detail

      • invert

        public void invert()
      • flipHorizontal

        public void flipHorizontal()
      • flipVertical

        public void flipVertical()
      • applyTable

        public void applyTable​(int[] table)
      • scale

        public void scale​(double xScale,
                          double yScale)
      • scale

        public void scale​(double xScale,
                          double yScale,
                          double fillValue)
      • resize

        public ImageStack resize​(int newWidth,
                                 int newHeight)
        Creates a new stack with dimensions 'newWidth' x 'newHeight'. To reduce memory requirements, the orginal stack is deleted as the new stack is created.
      • resize

        public ImageStack resize​(int newWidth,
                                 int newHeight,
                                 boolean averageWhenDownsizing)
      • crop

        public ImageStack crop​(int x,
                               int y,
                               int width,
                               int height)
        Crops the stack to the specified rectangle.
      • copyBits

        public void copyBits​(ImageProcessor src,
                             int xloc,
                             int yloc,
                             int mode)
      • copyBits

        public void copyBits​(ImageStack src,
                             int xloc,
                             int yloc,
                             int mode)
      • filter3D

        public void filter3D​(ImageStack out,
                             float radx,
                             float rady,
                             float radz,
                             int zmin,
                             int zmax,
                             int filter)
        3D filter using threads
        out -
        radx - Radius of mean filter in x
        rady - Radius of mean filter in y
        radz - Radius of mean filter in z
        zmin -
        zmax -
        filter -