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Document Revision History

Date Notes
September/October 2012 Reviewed by Michael Schmid
July 2012 Updated for v 1.46r
Reviewed by Barry DeZonia
June 2012 Updated for v 1.46p
Second major revision with new sections on overlays, 3D volumes, sub-pixel selections, curve fitting and interface customizations
Improvements in layout and browsability
September 2011 Updated for v 1.45
Deeply revised edition with several new sections in Parts I--IV
Available as printable booklets
Redesigned HTML version
January 2011 Updated for v 1.44
New sections on advanced ImageJ usage, Fiji scripting, command line usage and interoperability with other software packages
May 2010 First HTML version
April 2010 First edition: v 1.43


We are extremely grateful to Alex Fernández for his wonderful eLyXer, Alex Gorbatchev for SyntaxHighlighter, Johannes Schindelin for assistance with the Git repository, Norbert Vischer for critical corrections and Michael Schmid and Barry DeZonia for thorough revisions. We are also thankful to all of those who submitted criticisms, suggestions and encouragement to update this edition. But above all, our thanks go to the extraordinary ImageJ community for its dedication to the project.
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