You must have a Java-enabled browser to run ImageJ.

Signed ImageJ Applet

The applet version of ImageJ should open in a separate "ImageJ" window. With a slow connection, this may take a minute or two. This is a signed version of the applet that allows you to use the File/Open, File/Import and File/Save As commands.

Note that this version of the ImageJ applet requires Java 1.5 or later.
You can increase the memory limit by entering something like "-Xmx500m" (increases limit to 500MB) in the Java Plug-in's "Java Runtime Parameters" field. On Mac OS X, the Java Plug-ins are in Applications/Utilities/Java. On Windows, the Java Plug-in is a Control Panel.

The ij.jar file used by this applet was signed using the method described by Michael Abramoff on his BIJ Applet page.


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