Updates and Bug Reports

The latest version of Image is always available from the NIH Image Web site (http://rsb.info.nih.gov/nih-image/). A reasonably current version, including complete documentation, Pascal source code and example images, is available from one the following sources:

  1. From a friend. The Image program, including source code and documentation, is public domain and may be freely distributed and modified. If you modify it, however, please update the "About NIH Image" dialog box before distributing your version of the program.

  2. The latest version is always available by anonymous FTP from rsbweb.nih.gov. Enter "anonymous" as the user name and your e-mail address as the password. The /pub/nih-image directory contains executable versions of Image for both 68000 Macs and Power Macs, documentation in Word format, and complete Pascal source code. There is a plain text README file (0README.txt) describing the files, subdirectories and file formats.

  3. Image is on the $35 Apprentice CD-ROM from Celestin Company, Inc. (www.celestin.com). This CD is a collection of source code and utilities for Mac programmers. To order, phone 360-297-8091, fax 360-297-8092.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome, as are corrections or additions to this manual. Before reporting a bug, please make sure you are using the latest version of Image. Also try disabling extensions by holding down the shift key while restarting the computer, try deleting the file "Image Prefs" from both the System folder and Preferences folder, try switching the monitor to 256 colors, and try to reproduce the problem on more than one Mac. Send bug reports to Wayne Rasband (wayne@codon.nih.gov), the author of Image.

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