Windows Menu

Next Window

Deactivates the current image window and activates the next image in the image list, as shown at the bottom of the Windows Menu. An

Cascade Windows

Expands all the image windows to their original size and redraws them slightly offset from each other. If you hold down the option key, all windows will be drawn in the same location, at the upper left corner of the screen, next to the tool palette.

Tile Windows

Shrinks all the images windows and repositions them so that they will fit on the screen without overlapping. Hold down the option key to draw the tiled windows in "Scale to Fit" mode. Click on the "Zoom Box" of a tiled window to expand it to fill the screen.

Image supports "synchronized scrolling" of tiled windows. To try this out, open two or more windows (they must be the same size), tile them using Tile Windows, zoom in on one of them, then pan one of the images with the option key down. Notice how all the other images zoom and pan to the same relative location.

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