About this Document

This document is intended for beginners, who never formally studied computer science towards a degree, but need to use software and get the most out of it. For those who would like to correct errors in this guide please contact Mark Vivino in the NIH Division of Computer Research and Technology. My email is (mvivino@helix.nih.gov). If you are like me, spending your whole day writing a graphical user interface is not your way of make a contribution to the world. You might have an image processing application that needs doing and don't want to figure out all the aspects of the Mac Toolbox (or Windows or Motif). You can build your image processing application into the NIH Image program and save yourself from a lot of wasted effort. Hopefully, this manual may help you on your route whether simple (macro) or complex (pascal). Having freely available and modifiable source code is not seen often with most commercial packages. This guide updated 4/10/96, current to Image version 1.60