Tektronix Phaser 450

Dye-Sublimation Color Printer

Building 36, Room 2A03


The Phaser 450 produces photographic-quality glossy prints of continuous tone images for posters and publications but at a much greater cost (about $2.50/page) compared to the Phaser 340.

Macintosh Users: Installing the Dyesub2 Printer

  1. Copy the Phaser 450 printer description, available from Joe Public:Extensions:Printer Descriptions:tkp450p1.ppd, into Your Hard Drive:System Folder:Extensions:Printer Descriptions.
  2. From the Chooser, select LaserWriter 8, AppleTalk Zone "NINDS 36", and printer "RSB 2A03 Dyesub2", then "Setup" or "Create".
  3. Remember to "un-select" the Phaser 450 after you print your job.

Windows 95 and NT Users: Installing the Dyesub2 Printer

Use the Add Printer wizard to install a network printer at \\Rsbnt\Dyesub2. Do not print the test page!

Important Printing Tips

For more information: see Steve Ono (36/2A03, phone 5-4530).
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