ImageJ 3D Viewer

Author: Benjamin Schmid (Bene.Schmid at
History: 2007/04/20: First public version
2009/06/11: Automatically installs Java 3D
Requires: Java 1.6 or later and Java 3D
Source:Contained in ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar.
Installation: The ImageJ 3D Viewer plugin (ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar) is included with ImageJ in the ImageJ/plugins/3D folder. To run it, use the Plugins>3D>3D Viewer command. The latest release of the plugin can be downloaded from the 3D Viewer website.
Description: The 3D Viewer uses Java 3D to provide hardware-accelerated 3D visualization of image stacks as volumes, surfaces and orthoslices. It automatically installs Java 3D if it is missing. There is more information, including a 15 minute video tutorial, on the 3D Viewer website.


This movie of the File>Open Samples>Fly Brain example stack (in ImageJ 1.42 or later) was created using the 3D Viewer's View>Start animation and View>Start animation commands. It was cropped using Image>Crop and the number of frames was reduced from 71 to 36 using the Slice Remover plugin. The frame rate was set to 7 FPS using Image>Stacks>Animation Options. It was then reduced to 256 colors using Image>Type>8-bit and saved as an animated GIF using File>Save As>Animated GIF.

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