Calculate CCD Noise

Author: Sebastian Rhode (Sebastian.Rhode at
History: 2008/05/09: First version
2008/08/28: Version 1.2
Installation: Download CCD_noise.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin calculates the CCD readout noise on the basis of two dark images with zero exposure. Both images have to be recorded at different time points with identical CCD settings. It can be used to check the noise value given by the manufacturer or to compare CCD cameras. The plugin was inspired by: (Thanks to Michael Richmond for this little tutorial)

Algorithm used for noise calculation:

Noise = stdDev(Darkframe1-Darkframe2)/sqrt(2)*AD-Factor/EM-Gain
You only need two dark frames with zero exposure taken at different time points! I do not guarantee for correct results. So feel free to change and improve the plugin.

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