Author: Thomas Stamm (stammt at uni-muenster.de)
History: 2004/05/13: Initial version
Source: DICOM_Sort.java
Installation: Copy DICOM_Sort.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin produces different image sequences of DICOM files by exploring the DICOM header information via several tags. Images can be sorted by image number (moderate), image time (good) or acquisition time (best) before importing. The plugin displays the tag information with full paths and file names in the log window. The plugin is useful for the following problems.

Problem 1. ImageJ imports a sequence of DICOM files, but the slices are not in the correct order.
The filenames produced by different DICOM devices do not reflect the correct order of the image sequence. Furthermore filename sequences differ between different operating systems.
a) Open DICOM Sort. For the first attempt leave all settings as default.
b) Select "Open sorted Images as a Stack".
c) Press OK and select any DICOM file in your DICOM folder.
If some header information are missing, select "None" for all prefix settings. Try different sorting options until you are satisfied.

Problem 2. There is one folder with DICOM files of different patients and studies.
Open DICOM Sort and choose desired prefix settings for the report in the log window.
b) Press OK and select any DICOM file in your DICOM folder.
With the detailed report in the log window it is possible to locate the different files which can be moved manually.

Problem 3. There are to many DICOM files and folders of different patients / studies for manual separation.
a) Copy all DICOM files in one folder, open DICOM Sort and choose desired prefix settings for the report in the log window.
b) Save the report as a text file.
c) Repeat a and b with the option "Make Sorted Text File List".
d) Edit the text file created with c based on the report information created with a and b.
e) Create different text files of your desired sequences and open these sequences separately with the List_Opener plugin.
DICOM Sort creates file lists with full paths. Therefore you can leave the DICOM files at their origin (DICOM CD, network, DVD etc.) while using the List_Opener plugin.

Problem 4. I would like to store important studies for further use without loosing the original DICOM information and without overstuff my local disks.

a) Create sorted text file lists of desired sequences and save the text files.
b) Place the original DICOM files on a backup media.
c) Open the text file lists with a text editor and replace the old path with the new one(*) via find & replace.
d) Save the edited text files on your local disk.
e) Open the sequences with the List_Opener plugin. Be sure your backup media is mounted while importing the DICOM files via List_Opener.

(*) How to display a directory path ...
Open a Terminal window, type cd with a space after it, drag the directory (or a file in the directory) to the Terminal window.
See Also: File/Import/Image Sequence, which sorts by image number in v1.34k or later
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