Import Dicom Sequence

Authors: Anthony Padua, Duke University Medical Center, Department of Radiology,, Daniel P. Barboriak, MD, Duke University Medical Center, Department of Radiology,
History: 2003/01/08: First version
2003/05/12: DICOM information available using the Show Info command
2003/07/18: Renamed "FolderOpenerDialog" class "IDSDialog" to minimize name conflicts
2005/11/15: Mimics the File>Import>Image Sequence command
Requires: ImageJ 1.34k or later
Installation: The File>Import>Image Sequence command in ImageJ 1.34k or later imports DICOM images sorted by image number.
Description: This plugin imports DICOM images and uses the image number in the header information for proper sorting. If there is no image number, the plugin will use the numerical equivalent found in the image name for sorting.
See Also: File>Import>Image Sequence, which sorts by image number in v1.34k or later
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