GaussFit OnSpot

Author: Peter Haub (peterhaub at
Tobias Meckel (
History: 2014/06/05: First version
2015/01/28: Bug fixes
Source: In GaussFit_OnSpot.jar
Installation: Drag and drop GaussFit_OnSpot.jar to the "ImageJ" window or download and install using the Plugins>Install command.
Description: GaussFit_OnSpot is an ImageJ plugin for fitting Gaussian profiles onto selected positions in diffraction-limited images (e.g. single molecules, protein clusters, vesicles, or stars).

The plugin performs a function fit in regions of interest (ROI) around spots marked by point selections in grayscale images. Single or multiple spots can be either selected manually with the Multi-point tool or automatically with the Find Maxima function.

There is a PDF with more information, and also an example image.


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