Python (Jython) Interpreter

History: 2013/02/25: First release
2013/03/20: Added getArgument() function
Requires: ImageJ 1.47m or later
Installation: This 8MB plugin (Jython.jar), which includes Jython 2.5.3, is automatically downloaded to Image/plugins/jars the first time you run a Jython (".py") script.
Description: This is the plugin and Jython 2.5.4 interpreter that implement the macro editor's Macros>Evaluate Python command. For more information about Jython (an implementation of Python written in Java), go to

The following import statements are automatically added to Jython scripts:

    from ij import *
    from ij.gui import *
    from ij.process import *
    from ij.measure import *
    from ij.util import *
    from ij.plugin import *
    from ij.plugin.filter import *
    from ij.plugin.frame import *
    from import *
    from java.lang import *
    from java.awt import *
    from java.awt.image import *
    from java.awt.geom import *
    from java.util import *
    from import *
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eval("python",script) macro function
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