Measure Track

Author: Chris Nicolai (nicolaitanes at gmail dot com)
Requirements:ImageJ 1.17y or later (?)
Installation: Copy Measure_Track.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.

This plugin measures the z-profile of the ROI through a stack. For each stack frame, it moves the ROI by the displacement (x[i], y[i]) - (x[0], y[0]), with x and y taken from selected columns of the Results table. To hold x or y constant, leave the column name blank.

Intended for use with the output of the Tracker plugin. A sample stack is provided. To try it, first load this thresholded stack and run the Tracker plugin, then load the sample stack, select an ROI, and run Measure_Track.

Updated 2/2014 to fix indexing bug: first frame was repeated twice while last frame was skipped.

See Also: Tracker, MultiTracker, Manual Tracking, SpotTracker, MTrack2, ParticleTracker and MTrackJ plugins

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