Author: Dimiter Prodanov (dimiterpp at
History: 2009/03/24: First version
2009/03/31: Improved pane visualization; added window rearrangement behavior; bug fixes
2009/04/29: Added support for arrow keys; fixed a bug in the cross position calculation; added FocusListener behavior; added support for magnification factors
2010/09/12: Supports IJ 1.43; more keyboard commands
Installation: Download StackSlicer_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Contents
The plugin handles all types of implemented ImageProcessors and requires a Point ROI in the active image widow. To improve interpretation, the plugin draws non-destructively a cross centered on the point selection. The output images are calibrated, which allows measurements to be performed more easily. Optionally the YZ image can be rotated at 90 deg.

Aspect ratios (ax:ay:az) of the voxels sizes; Default values ax=1.0; ay=pixelHeight/pixelWidth; az=pixelDepth/pixelWidth Ratio of 1:1:1 assumes cubic voxel geometry.

q - quits the plugin
d - toggles debug mode
u - updates parameters
? - displays help
← → ↑ ↓ - move selection

- XZ projection image
- YZ projection image