Jimi Stack Writer

Author: Jeffrey Kuhn (jkuhn@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu)
The University of Texas at Austin
Limitations:Requires the 445K Jimi library.
Source: Jimi_Stack_Writer.java
Installation: Copy Jimi_Stack_Writer.class and jimi.jar to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ. On the Macintosh, the jimi.jar file must be moved to to the Extensions/MRJ Libraries/MRJClasses folder. On PCs and Unix, jimi.jar must listed on the -cp (classpath) option of the command line that runs ImageJ.
Description: I needed to save a stack as a series of Windows Bitmap files in order to make an AVI file (using the Microsoft's AVIedit sample program). So, I took the Jimi_Writer plugin and wedded it to the StackWriter class (Image/Stacks/Save Slices as Files). The resulting bastard offspring is the Jimi_Stack_Writer plugin. This plugin can save in PNG, BMP, PICT, XBM, TGA, PSD, XPM or PCX format. The Image/Stacks/Save Slices as Files command saves in TIFF, GIF, JPEG or raw format.

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