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34 Key Modifiers

34.1 Alt Key Modifications

FileOpen Next [O]↑ Open previous
FileRevert [r]↑ Skip dialog prompt
EditCopy [c]↑ Copy to system clipboard
ImageColorSplit Channels↑ Keep original image
ImageStacksAdd Slice Insert before current slice
ImageStacksNext Slice [>]↑ Skip ten slices
ImageStacksPrevious Slice [<]↑ Skip ten slices
ImageStacksStart Animation [\]↑ Show options dialog
ImageDuplicate… [D] Skip dialog prompt
ImageOverlayAdd Selection… [b] Show options dialog
ProcessEnhance Contrast… Do classic histogram equalization
AnalyzeHistogram [h] Show dialog prompt
AnalyzePlot Profile [k] For rectangular selections, generate row average plot. For wide straight lines, display rotated contents
AnalyzeGelsSelect First Lane Assumes lanes are horizontal
AnalyzeToolsAnalyze Line Graph↑ Show intermediate image
AnalyzeToolsROI Manager↑ (Add) Name and add selection
PluginsUtilitiesImageJ Properties…↑ List all Java properties
Area Selection Tools↑ Subtract current selection from the previous one
Rectangular Selection Tool↑ and Oval Selection Tool↑ Current aspect ratio is maintained while resizing
Straight Line Selection Tool↑ Keeps the line length fixed while moving either end of the line. Forces the two points that define the line to have integer coordinate values when creating a line on a zoomed image
Segmented Line Selection Tool↑ and Polygon Selection Tool↑ Alt-clicking on a node deletes it
Point Tool↑ Alt-clicking on a point deletes it
Color Picker Tool↑ Alt-clicking on an image ‘picks-up’ background color
All Tools↑ Show location and size in pixels rather than calibrated units

34.2 Shift Key Modifications

ImageAdjustThreshold… [T] Adjusting Min also adjusts Max
ImageAdjustBrightness/Contrast… [C]↑ Apply adjustments to all channels of a composite image
Installed Macros↑ and Scripts↑ Open instead of run
Area Selection Tools↑ Add selection to previous one
Polygon Selection Tool Shift-clicking on a node duplicates it
Straight Line Selection Tool↑ Forces line to be horizontal or vertical
Segmented Line Selection Tool↑ Shift-clicking on a node duplicates it
Point Tool↑ Shift-clicking adds points (Multi-point Tool↑ behavior)
Magnifying Glass↑ Shift-clicking and dragging runs ImageZoomTo Selection↑

34.3 Ctrl (or Cmd) Key Modifications

Rectangular Selection Tool↑ and Oval Selection Tool↑ Selection is resized around its center
Straight Line Selection Tool↑ Line is rotated/resized around its center

34.4 Space Bar

Any Tool Switch to the Scrolling Tool↑

34.5 Arrow Keys

Moving Selections↑ The four arrow keys move selection outlines one pixel at a time
Resizing Selections↑ Rectangular and oval selections are resized by holding Alt while using the arrow keys
Stacks↑ Navigation The  ←  and  →  keys substitute for < and > for moving through a stack. If there is a selection, you must also hold Shift
Hyperstacks↑ Navigation The  ←  and  →  keys change the channel. Hold Ctrl to move through the slices and Alt to move through the frames
Zooming The and keys zoom the image in and out. If there is a selection, you must also hold either Shift or Ctrl
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