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Part VI. Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table summarizes the keyboard shortcuts built into ImageJ. You can create additional shortcuts, or override built-in ones, by creating simple macros and adding them to the StartupMacros.txt. You can also assign a function key to a menu command using PluginsShortcutsCreate Shortcuts…↑.
Several of these shortcuts accept key modifiers as described in Key Modifiers↓. Also note that, except when using the Text Tool↑, you do not need to hold down the control key to use a keyboard shortcut, unless Require control key for shortcuts in EditOptionsMisc…↑ is checked.
Using Keyboard Shortcuts↑, Finding Commands↑, KeyboardShortcuts.txt macro (demonstrating how assign shortcuts to custom macros), Toolbar Shortcuts↓
List of ImageJ 1.46 built-in shortcuts. This table can be obtained within ImageJ using the PluginsShortcutsList Shortcuts…↑ command.
Command / Operation Shortcut Description
   NewImage… [n]↑ N Create new image or stack
   NewText Window [N]↑ Shift N Create new text window
   NewSystem Clipboard [V]↑ Shift V Create image from system clipboard
   Open… [o]↑ O Open file (any format recognized by ImageJ)
   Open Next [O]↑ Shift O Open next image in folder
   Open SamplesBlobs (25K) Shift B Opens the Blobs.gif example image
   Close [w]↑ W Close the active window
   Save [s]↑ S Save active image in Tiff format
   Revert [r]↑ R Revert to saved version of image
   Print… [p]↑ P Print active image
   Undo [z]↑ Z Undo last operation
   Cut [x]↑ X Copy selection to internal clipboard and clear
   Copy [c]↑ C Copy selection to internal clipboard
   Paste [v]↑ V Paste contents of internal clipboard
   Clear↑ Backspace Erase selection to background color
   Fill [f]↑ F Fill selection in foreground color
   Draw [d]↑ D Draw selection
   Invert [I]↑ Shift I Invert image or selection
   SelectionSelect All [a]↑ A Select entire image
   SelectionSelect None [A]↑ Shift A Remove selection
   SelectionRestore Selection [E]↑ Shift E Restore previous selection
   SelectionProperties… [y] Y Defines selection properties
   SelectionAdd to Manager [t] T Add selection to ROI Manager
   AdjustBrightness/Contrast… [C]↑ Shift C Adjust brightness and contrast
   AdjustThreshold… [T] Shift T Adjust threshold levels
   Show Info… [i] I Display information about active image
   Properties… [P]↑ Shift P Display image properties
   ColorColor Picker… [K]↑ Shift K Open Color Picker
   StacksNext Slice [>]↑ > or  →  Go to next stack slice
   StacksPrevious Slice [<]↑ < or  ←  Go to previous stack slice
   StacksReslice… [/] / Reslice stack
   StacksOrthogonal Views [H]↑ Shift H Toggle orthogonal view display
   StacksToolsStart Animation [\]↑ \ Start/stop stack animation
   HyperstacksChannels Tool… [Z]↑ Shift Z Open the ‘Channels’ tool
   Hyperstacks↑ > or  →  Next hyperstack channel
   Hyperstacks↑ < or  ←  Previous hyperstack channel
   Hyperstacks↑ Ctrl > Next hyperstack slice
   Hyperstacks↑ Ctrl < Previous hyperstack slice
   Hyperstacks↑ Alt > Next hyperstack frame
   Hyperstacks↑ Alt < Previous hyperstack frame
   Crop [X] Shift X Crop active image or selection
   Duplicate… [D] Shift D Duplicate active image or selection
   Scale… [E] E Scale image or selection
   ZoomIn [+]  +  or Make image larger
   ZoomOut [-]↑  −  or Make image smaller
   ZoomOriginal Scale [4]↑ 4 Revert to original zoom level
   ZoomView 100% [5]↑ 5 Zoom to 1:1
   OverlayAdd Selection… [b] B Adds active selection to image overlay
   Smooth [S] Shift S 3 × 3 unweighted smoothing
   Repeat Command [R]↑ Shift R Repeat previous command
   Measure… [m] M Display statistics of active image / selection
   Histogram [h] H Display histogram of active image / selection
   Plot Profile [k] K Display density profile plot of active selection
   GelsSelect First Lane 1 Select first gel lane
   GelsSelect Next Lane 2 Select next gel lane
   UtilitiesControl Panel… [U]↑ Shift U Open Control Panel
   UtilitiesCapture Screen [g]↑ Shift G Grab screenshot (with Ctrl if a dialog box is active)
   UtilitiesFind Commands… [l]↑ L List, find and launch commands
   Show All [ ] ]↑ ] Make all windows visible
   Put Behind [tab]↑ Tab Switch to next image window
   Main ImageJ window↑ Enter Bring ImageJ window to front
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