Window Menu

This menu contains four commands plus a list of open ImageJ windows. The currently active image will have a checkmark next to its name. To activate a window, pull down this menu and select the window by name.

Show All

Makes all the windows associated with ImageJ visible. Show All was added in ImageJ 1.38j, replacing ImageJ [enter], which only made the ImageJ window visible. Note that the keyboard shortcut for ImageJ [enter] (enter or return) continues to work.

On Mac OS X, you can also make all ImageJ windows visible by clicking on the ImageJ icon in the Dock or by using the ImageJ>Hide Others command.

Put Behind [tab]

Displays the next open image. Repeatedly press the tab key to cycle through all open images.


Moves all open images to the left side of the screen, slightly offset from each other, and displayed in the order they are listed at the bottom of this menu.


Shrinks all open image windows and repositions them to fit on the screen without overlapping.