Planned Features

  1. Add File>Print menu command to TextWindows ("Results", "Log", etc.).
  2. New macro functions: allow/disallow drop down menus; open URL as a string. [V1.37 adds setOption("DisablePopupMenu", boolean) and File.openUrlAsString(url) macro functions.]
  3. Add Edit>Selection>Straighten command, similar to Straighten plugin. [In 1.41i]
  4. A macro function that does curve fitting. [In 1.41k]
  5. Unit of time field in Image>Properties dialog. [In v1.37, enter the unit of time in the "Frame Interval" field.]
  6. Expandable tool bar. [ImageJ 1.37r frees up two toolbar slots.]
  7. Speed up batch mode macros by not updating the Results table.
  8. Ability to select columns in the Results window.
  9. Remember position of windows ("B&C", "Threshold", "Results", etc.) after restart. [In 1.38h]
  10. Add "Use Virtual Stack" option to the File>Import>Raw dialog box.
  11. Close All image windows command.
  12. Copy>Paste of images to system clipboard. [V1.37 adds File>New>System Clipboard and Edit>Copy to System commands.]
  13. A native Windows launcher ("ImageJ.exe") to enable drag and drop of files and allow the Java heap size to be set in a dialog [V1.32 has a Windows launcher (ImageJ.exe) and installer. Use Edit>Options>Memory to set the memory limit. With v1.29 and later, files can be dragged and dropped on the "ImageJ" window. With v1.36 and later, files can be dragged and dropped on the ImageJ icon.]
  14. A macro debugger.
  15. Right justified columns in the Results window.
  16. Cubic spline interpolation.
  17. A stack animation tool with start, stop and speed control buttons. [Jerome Mutterer's Action_Bar plugin includes a stack animation tool.]
  18. A profile plot "tracking" function that highlights the location in the source image as the cursor is dragged across the plot window.
  19. Stack conversions based on whole stack min and max.
  20. A plugin to read uncompressed AVI movies [The AVI Reader plugin does this].
  21. An "Adjust>Color Balance" command that works with RGB images as well as 8-bit and 16-bit stacks with either two or three slices [Added in v1.29, but only works with RGB images] .
  22. Support for non-linear LUTs in Image>Adjust>Brightness/Contrast.
  23. Plugins that use the Java Media Framework to read and write AVI files. [The AVI Writer plugin saves in AVI format and the JMF Movie Reader opens some AVI and QuickTime movies.]
  24. Scion LG-3 frame grabber acquisition plug-in [Scion now provides plugins ( that support all their frame grabbers.].